Alexandra Dinardi

I can say that I’m lucky enough to have Jeff work on many projects at my home. Jeff and his crew do it all, and do it the best. When I first moved into my new house, he beautifully crafted my patio and widened my driveway with stone pavers. He has also replaced and sealed the existing cracked and unattractive driveway concrete to make a smooth and perfect looking driveway. Jeff is always on time, professional, courteous, and really pays attention to detail. Not only has he done masonry work at my home, but he has helped prevent further basement flooding by installing sump pumps and adding drainage to the property. Jeff is super knowledgeable in just about everything when it comes to contracting and beyond. My family and I are always in good hands when Jeff and CRI are completing a project for us. You can always trust Jeff to get the job done and exceed expectations. Thanks for so many jobs beyond well done!

Randy Swickle

I would like to take this opportunity to start off my testimonial by saying Wow!

Myself and my team worked with Jeff Colucci the president and CEO of CRI. As in any project especially a large project like finishing building a brand New Warehouse. Started for other reasons and fortunately we were able to come in and work with Jeff at the right time for him to cater many things in the brand new warehouse and our offices to our needs!

We had specific needs and Jeff absolutely exceeded our needs and expectations! To be honest I have been running a business for over 40 years and in buildings offices or construction I have never seen anyone go to this level of perfection!

Jeff was truly a gentleman throughout the whole process and went out of his way to make a professional deal to make both sides happy!

Thanks, Randy

Shary and Gary Skoloff

Several years ago the sewer pipe from our home backed up, with sewage coming into the house through two basement sinks. We had it pumped out but were told by three people we consulted that it was necessary to replace the buried pipe out to the road to prevent it from happening again. This would have involved major expense and disruption to our property and trees, possibly even to our driveway. Fortunately, we then consulted Jeff Colucci, who carefully examined the video camera film that had been taken and assured us that no further work was required! We have had no problems in the years since! Thank you, Jeff! Last year when we had to replace our furnace, we learned that we had asbestos pipe coverings that had to be removed. We immediately consulted Jeff, used the asbestos removal person he recommended, and were totally satisfied with the clean efficient job that he did. Again, thank you, Jeff!

All the best,

Shary and Gary


Kathy M. & Mike K.

Jeff Colucci and his team completed site work for our new residential construction. Within hours of their work, our new neighbors began telling us how impressed they were with CRI’s efficiency, organization, and neatness. With his extensive experience and attention to details, Jeff quickly and confidently solved any challenges that arose. Jeff answers questions and explains the necessary work very clearly. We very highly recommend CRI.

Kathy M. & Mike K.

Cheri Sherman

“I’ve worked with Jeff from CRI a few times and every time he was very professional and courteous.  Jeff is a very knowledgeable contractor who has been in the industry for many years.  He is very detail oriented.  If you want the job done right, call Jeff at CRI.”

Cheri Sherman
Property Manager
Woodland Manor, South Plainfield, NJ

Alex Ziegler

“I engaged Jeff Colucci at CRI to demolish and remove a house and a large garage from a property and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. From the beginning, Jeff was incredibly responsive and his attention to detail was second to none. Being unfamiliar with the process, I was looking for a turnkey solution and Jeff delivered. After quickly providing a comprehensive and detailed estimate, he took the lead on dealing with the local municipality and obtaining the necessary permits. Once obtained, they wasted no time with completion of the project; I was impressed with how quickly they were able to complete it. CRI will be my default option and recommendation for similar work going forward.”

Alex Ziegler


KRE Group

“[CRI is] one of our leading site and building contractors.”

Barry Ages
Director of Operations
KRE Group, Bridgewater NJ

Colgate Paper Stock Co., Inc.

“I’m fortunate to know and have grown my businesses over the past 30+ years with Jeff’s knowledge, support and expertise. When I’ve looked for contractors in my Rolodex, and now my computer, I turn on the invaluable energy of Mr. Jeff Colucci. If you want the job done right, in budget and on time, CRI’s got you covered. CRI has successfully completed a variety of projects for me including environmental, building, concrete, masonry, site work, landscape and demolition. He’s my go to man when I need it done for business and my personal home. When I’m busy running my business, Jeff’s busy making sure that the work is being performed safe, efficient, in spec and within governmental compliance. I personally recommend CRI with the utmost regard, of course unless you’re a competitor. See you on the next project Jeff! In fact, I’m going to walk this testimonial out to him right now as Jeff’s in the middle of a concrete pad and wall repair project as I type.”

Steven DiNardi
Colgate Paper Stock Co., Inc.
New Brunswick, NJ

Westwood Construction of NJ

“CRI is a professional company working w/ professionals… Jeff has an extremely knowledgeable insight into all phases of construction…It’s an honor to work with his company!”

Chris Szucs
Westwood Construction of NJ, LLC
Millstone Township, N.J.

Sirius Machinery Inc.

“When relocating our business to Flemington we were fortunate to find and to work with CRI. Jeff’s knowledge and determination proved to be a great combination. The project on 10 Minneakoning in Flemington was finished on time and with quality in all respects.”

Goran Adolfsson
Sirius Machinery Inc. Branchburg, NJ

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