Shary and Gary Skoloff

Several years ago the sewer pipe from our home backed up, with sewage coming into the house through two basement sinks. We had it pumped out but were told by three people we consulted that it was necessary to replace the buried pipe out to the road to prevent it from happening again. This would have involved major expense and disruption to our property and trees, possibly even to our driveway. Fortunately, we then consulted Jeff Colucci, who carefully examined the video camera film that had been taken and assured us that no further work was required! We have had no problems in the years since! Thank you, Jeff! Last year when we had to replace our furnace, we learned that we had asbestos pipe coverings that had to be removed. We immediately consulted Jeff, used the asbestos removal person he recommended, and were totally satisfied with the clean efficient job that he did. Again, thank you, Jeff!

All the best,

Shary and Gary