Alexandra Dinardi

I can say that I’m lucky enough to have Jeff work on many projects at my home. Jeff and his crew do it all, and do it the best. When I first moved into my new house, he beautifully crafted my patio and widened my driveway with stone pavers. He has also replaced and sealed the existing cracked and unattractive driveway concrete to make a smooth and perfect looking driveway. Jeff is always on time, professional, courteous, and really pays attention to detail. Not only has he done masonry work at my home, but he has helped prevent further basement flooding by installing sump pumps and adding drainage to the property. Jeff is super knowledgeable in just about everything when it comes to contracting and beyond. My family and I are always in good hands when Jeff and CRI are completing a project for us. You can always trust Jeff to get the job done and exceed expectations. Thanks for so many jobs beyond well done!