Water Line Valve Installation

We were recently contracted to install a 6” water line valve, which allows for the shutoff of water to the building.

Our initial site inspection revealed that the original valve was not mechanically anchored to the main water line, so we dug up the line install brackets, which were bolted to the pipe, and poured concrete around the pipe and clamps to create a mechanical anchor.

Twenty-eight days later, after the concrete had cured, another hole was dug, away from the newly installed anchor, and a section of the pipe was cut out. Had we not installed the anchor, when the pipe section was cut out, the water pressure may have pushed the faulty original valve off the main line, leaving no way to shut the water off.

Once the section of pipe was removed, we installed the new valve along with a valve cover dog house.

The final steps were to back fill, using compacted DGA (dense grade aggregate) stone, install 4″ of I-2 base asphalt mix, and finish with 2″ of I-5 top asphalt mix. The entire job was done after hours so as not to disturb the tenants in the building.

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