Asphalt Installation

Colucci Realty was recently contracted to remove a landscaped island that prevented trucks from getting into the loading dock.

To begin, we removed and disposed of the concrete curb, along with the trees and fill contained within the island.

Once the construction site was cleared and prepped, 4″ of DGA (dense grade aggregate) stone was installed and compacted. On top of that was layered 4″ of I-2 base asphalt mix, which is a compacted mixture of both aggregates and asphalt cement.

Finally 2″ of I-5 top asphalt mix was installed and the area was coned off, as shown in the photos below.


For information on installing, repairing, or removing asphalt or concrete, call CRI, at 908-797-2305, or submit an online form to request an estimate or receive answers to general questions.

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